Step 1 Enter your
annual overheads

Step 2 Labour Force details.

Step 3 Enter hourly target rate

Step 4 Purchase

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GRIDMASTER, 24 St Philip’s Close, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 5DU

Are you confident that the hourly rate you apply to your machine cycle times is correct?
Will it result in an Acceptable net profit?

Thank you for purchasing a copy of the business management tool “RATEMAKER”

If you have had difficulty in opening the programme, please follow these simple instructions:

Run the downloaded file RateMkrEval.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. The programme will be automatically saved in your C:/Program Files/Gridmaster folder and an Icon will appear on your desktop. To run the programme, click on the Icon.

The programme will open with a small window with the word “Demo” in the field labelled “Company Name”. Leave this default setting as it is and just click on OK.

The programme will open but with the values on page 1, (apart from “Salaries” locked. The values on pages 2 & 3 are able to be edited to enable you to see what effect any changes made to these values will have on the forecast net profit when set against the Budget figures on page 1.

For further instructions you will find a couple of tutorials under the “Help” file in the programme.

Important: Before leaving any page you must click on the “Calculate”buttons to refresh the data. This includes the first page containing the demo values. This must be repeated each time the values in any field on any page have been altered in order to update the final result.

To purchase please email us at  and, after your payment of £19.50 has been cleared, we will send you the necessary codes to unlock page 1 which will enable you to run the full programme.