Step 1 Enter your
annual overheads

Step 2 Labour Force details.

Step 3 Enter hourly target rate

Step 4 Purchase

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Are you confident that the hourly rate you apply to your machine cycle times is correct?
Will it result in an Acceptable net profit?

"RATEMAKER" is a simple-to-use programme that will solve the above questions. Simply enter the following data into the software:

Annual Budget of overhead costs.

Labour Force details - wages (skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled).

The hours they work  

The Part-timers details.

The Non-productive staff details, both Clerical & others.

Directors and other salaries.

Once done, enter your target hourly rate and the programme will forecast the resulting net profit.

Modify any of the above data to build a realistic business finance model.

For advanced users, different rates can be calculated for individual items of plant.

“What -if”? - Discover what will happen before you need to put any costly plans into action. Any variation in costs or changes to personnel or plant can be calculated within minutes and sound decisions made on the outcome.

What hourly rate should you charge in order to achieve a reasonable net profit?

How  confident are you that if you work within your predicted parameters of budget and productive hours, that you will end up with a profit that will satisfy the bank, your shareholders or just yourself?

Find out within minutes what effect the following changes will have on your profit margin: Addition of Non-productive or productive staff: Pay Rises for individuals or across the board: Buying extra Plant & Equipment, .....etc...

The Price of the full copy is presently £19.50
Not a fortune when considering what the results can save?